Below are detailed Real Estate reports on Buying, Condominiums, Financing, Home Improvement, Investment, Landlord and Tenancy, Market Statistics and Selling. Select the desired reports and complete the form provided so you can download the reports.


Whether you are a first time home buyer, trading up or investing, below are reports that can help you make informed decisions.

6 Credit Report Secrets You Need To Know
Credit report secrets that you need to be aware of before purchasing a new property
6 Simple Steps to Ensure a Smooth Home Purchase
To ensure a smooth home purchase transaction, you need to read this report.
6 Things you must know before obtaining a mortgage
Learn what you need to know about a mortgage before you sign
13 Extra Costs When Purchasing A Home
Extra costs that you need to account for when purchasing a home
14 Free Services That Pay Off For Home Buyers
Home buyers need to know of these 14 FREE services
Buying a House with a Well and Septic System
Important information and checklists for properties with wells and septic systems
Buy a Home with ZERO Down
Want to buy your own home and stop renting? With this report, you can find out how with zero down
Evaluating Property
Buying or selling and you need to know the value of a property depends on some important factors.
Home Ownership Advantages
Buy or Rent? Read this report to the advantages of owning your own home.
How to Avoid 9 Most Costly Home Buyer Mistakes
Expensive mistakes that buyers can sometimes overlook, read how to avoid them.
How to Pack Like a Pro
Relocating and moving is a challenge - here are some tips about packing like a pro
Negotiating Guidelines
Whether you are buying or selling, negotiating can be a frustrating challenge, read more with this report
New Homes Versus Re-Sale
Thinking of buying a home, read this report regarding new homes versus re-sale.
New Home Warranty Programs - are you really covered?
Read this report about home warranty programs
Save Thousands of Dollars When Purchasing a Property.
Read this report to find out how you can save money when purchasing.
Stop Paying Rent
First time buyers need to read this report, so they know how to get into the real estate game
Thinking About Buying Your First Home
First time buyers need to read this important report
Top 5 Home Buying Strategies
A must to read for any buyer, now or in the future
Top 20 Home Buying Strategies
Read this important report about buying strategies
Why Hire a Buyers Agent
Realtors have the knowledge and are an asset to your home buying process
5 Mistakes when trading up
Learn the 5 mistakes buyers make when purchasing a bigger home
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For information on Condo's, please download the following reports.

Condominium Market Report
Calgary condo market report.
Evaluating Property
Defining the value of a property depends on many factors - read more.
Measurement Guidelines
Calgary Real Estate Board, Condo measurements guidelines
Measurement Rules
Calgary Real Estate Board, Calgary Measurements Rules for condos
Reserve Fund Report
Read this report regarding information about Reserve Funds.
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30 and 35 Year Amortization Mortgage Insurance Program
Details of the 30 and 35 Year Amoritization Mortgage Insurance Program from Genworth Capital Ltd.
40 Year Amortization Insurance Program
Details of the 40-Year Amoritization Mortgage Insurance Program from Genworth Capital Ltd
Floating or Locked Mortgage
Read this for information about floating or locked mortgage
Investment Property Guide
Purchase Investment Property with 90 % down paymnet
Luxury Real Estate Market Trend
Luxury Real Estate Market Trend
Mortgage Discounts Privileges Program
How to receive extra Mortgage Discounts- The Privileges Program from Genworth
Mortgage Strategies
Information on Mortgage Strategies
Mortgage Update January 2008
Mortgage information update
Mortgage Update May 2008
Mortgage information update
New to Canada Programs from CMHC
Mortgage programs for New Immigrants to Canada Programs from CMHC
New to Canada Programs from Genworth
Mortage programs for new Inmigrants to Canada Program from Genworth 2007
New to Canada Enhancement Programs
Find out what the mortgage rules ar for New imigrants to Canada Program (NewEnhancements) from Genworth March 08
Self Employed Mortgage Programs
Information regarding self employed mortgages
Small Rental Program Mortgage Insurance
Lear the rules on the CMHC Small Rental Program (1-4 Units) Mortgage Insurance Program
Understanding the Foreclosure process in Alberta
Learn more about your rights during a foreclosure in Alberta
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Home Improvement Reports

Download these handy Home Maintenance reports

After the Flood - A Home Owners Checklist
Important information and checklist regarding your home after flooding
Avoiding Basement Flooding
Read this vital report regarding your basement
Fighting Mold - a Home Owners Checklist
Imporant information and checklists regarding mold in and around your home
Hiring A Contractor
Questions and information that you need to know before hiring a contractor
Home Improvement Costs
Read this report to know how much your renovations will cost
Painting Walls, Ceilings and Floors
Tips and information regarding painting your home
Renovating your Basement and Moisture Problems
Read this report regarding moisture in your basement
Renovation Rates of Return
Vital information regarding your renovations returns on your home
Retaining Walls - Who is Responsible
This report gives you information about retaining walls between common properties
Understanding Window Terminology

Urea Formaldahyde Foam Insulation

What is Asbestos
important report regarding Asbestos
Your Septic System
Find out how your Septic System Works
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Investing in Real Estate

Please read the following important reports regarding Investing in Real Estate.

Evaluating Property
Read this report regarding the value of a property
Negotiating Guidelines
Important tips for negotiating your real estate transaction
Real Estate Investment Report
This report gives you advice on Investments
Recreation Properties Report
Read this report regarding buying recreational properties
The Psychology of a Successful Real Estate Investor
Important report to read before you invest in Real Estate.
The Top 13 Habits to Become an Over Achieving Real Estate Investor
Read how to overcome these habits so you can invest in Real Estate successfully.
Why Income Properties Remain the best route for a Prosperous Future
Tips and information about getting the most for your investment
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Landlord and Tenant Information

For Alberta Landlord and Tenancy information, lease agreements and forms, please download the following reports.

Alberta Residentilal Tenancy Agreement
Residential agreement between landlord and tenant.
Application for Rental Accommodation
Application for rental accommodation
Basic Lease Agreement
Lease agreement form
Changes to Alberta Tenancy Laws 2007
Changes to Tenancy law that Tenants should be aware of
Changes to Landlord and Tenant Registration
2007 Alberta Government changes to Landlord and Tenant registration
Checklist for Renters
Important checklist that renters need to know
Code of Practice

Information for Landlord and Tenants from Alberta Government
Information from Alberta Government
Interest Rate Table for Security Deposits
Make sure that you get your interest back on your security deposit - read the report
Negotiating Guidelines
Important information for negotiating contracts
Residential Tenancy Lease Agreement

Tenancy Agreement
Tenancy agreement
Tenant Policy Handout Template
important information for tenants
What's New: Information for Landlords and Tenants
New information
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To enhance your selling experience, it’s my job as a real estate professionals to provide you with as much valuable information as possible. It is essential that the Seller be aware of all aspects of the real estate market before making a major decision. Please access our free reports today!

5 Mistakes When Trading Up
Read this report to avoid mistakes when selling your home and trading up.
8 Questions Real Estate Agents Hate
This report will give you information regarding Real Estate Agents.
10 Tips tp Sell Your Home without an Agent
This report is vital if you are considering to try and sell your home on your own.
11 Seller Tips to Pass the Home Inspection
Read this report regarding Home Inspections.
27 Seller Mistakes
This is important to all Sellers to avoid costly mistakes.
27 Valuable Tips to Get Your Home Sold Fast
Important information for all Sellers.
Beware of the Perils of Selling Your Home Yourself
If you are considering at first trying to sell on your own without an Agent, this report is important to for you to read.
Common Selling Mistakes
Read this report about the most common selling mistakes.
Divorce Selling Report
If you are going through a divorce, read this report regarding selling your home.
Evaluating Property
Important report regarding evaluating your properties value.
Getting Your House Ready to Sell
You will need to know what things to do in and around your home in order for it to be ready to sell.
Hiring A Contractor
Read this report before you hire a contractor.
Hiring A Home Inspector
This important report gives you information regarding hiring a home inspector.
How to Pack Like a Pro
Read this report to learn how to pack your home and belongings like a Pro.
Land Transfer Tax
Read this report regarding Land Transfer Tax.
Legal, Illegal and Non-Conforming Suites
Read this report regarding Basement Suites.
Measurement Guidelines
This report informs you of measuring guidelines for your home.
Negotiating Guidelines
Important report regarding negotiating a sale or purchase.
Real Estate Transaction Costs
Vital information about transaction costs.
Renovation Rates of Return
This will explain the rate of return regarding your home renovations.
Selling Your Home
If you are considering selling your home you should read this report.
Surviving the Sale
Selling your Home? Then read this information how to survive the sale.
The 9 Step System to get Your Home Sold Fast.
This 9 step report will show you how you can sell your home fast.
The Right Selling Price
This report will explain how to get the right selling price for your home.
Top 4 Mistakes Sellers make when Choosing a Realtor
Before choosing a Real Estate Agent read this report.
Top 5 Home Selling Strategies
This report will give you vital information regarding selling strategies.
Working with a Realtor
A Real Estate Agent can help you with one of the most important decisions of your life - read more.
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